PCB Design


Our biggest asset is our experience.

We could list the types of boards that we are experienced in here, however in reality it would probably be easier to list the type of boards we haven't worked on, but even that may end up being a very empty page!

There isn't much that surprises us nowadays…. you want 3 levels of microvia on a 32 layer board…or perhaps an RF design that needs to fit into a tiny space…or maybe a high current PCB that needs special spacing considerations……no problem.


We probably know more about using PADS design tools than anyone at Mentor Graphics, having not only designed with the tool for more years than the company has been running but also because up until recently we were contracted to support the PADS distributors technical support team.

But it is also our ability to understand what you the customer wants, to interpret and manage the many design constraints that today’s PCB’s demand, and to learn and adapt to new technologies and to ensure that we are fully conversant with all the latest design and manufacturing techniques.


This is how we are able to repeatedly produce top quality PCB Design, it’s all about the process and we are sticklers for it, don’t try and get us to cut corners, we won’t.

There is a strict order to PCB Design, you cannot jump stages, and if you have to go back a few steps then each successive step must follow the same strict order…there are NO shortcuts.

Alongside this we use a database system called Goldmine which locks all emails to the relevant company and manages all attachments.


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